When is too many… too many?

IMG_8143I asked on my Facebook a week back, mainly to irritate my roommates:

“How many is too many?”

I have 3 dogs and between my roommates and I we have 4 cats(… 3 of which are mine). Our furniture has a collection of hair, furballs are always creeping along the tiled floor like frightening creatures (these lumps put dust bunnies to shame), and there is always a suspicious smear that may or may not be drool.

Despite the hair and the mud and the lingering wet dog smell my dogs have never done their business anywhere but outside (I’ll ignore the times my roommate gave all natural cookies to the pups and I slept through an explosive accident) and I treat monthly against fleas and ticks for all my crew. Heartworm prevention for the dogs, toys, raw/high priced kibble. I want to make this point as I take the care of my animals very seriously.

My youngest pup will be a year in August and I’m training him for agility and herding both which he does beautifully in. Seeing him work is incredible and it drives me to start my own breeding program to ensure that the instincts, drive, and ability of the border collie are preserved.

The question came about because I had started debating on buying my next border collie in the next 6-12 months to start the foundation of my own breeding program.

The Facebook response was EXPLOSIVE! And the response was basically the same: as many as you can care for.

In some cases, I’ve seen where 1 dog is too much for one household. In other cases someone who has five dogs, is competing and caring for them, is looking for the newest member of their canine crew.

So, the analytical organizer inside of all of us (or is it just me?) started making lists the moment I considered bringing another puppy into the fold and here is what I devised (minus the cost of the puppy):

  • Puppy Vaccinations ($150/2 visits)
  • Flea/tick preventitive for a year ($268/ 12 month K9 Advantix off of 1800petmeds)
  • Heartworm preventitive for a year ($72/12 months)
  • Toys ($100)
  • Collar/leash/harness ($100)
  • Good Quality Food ($80-$600/12 months)
  • Bedding ($50/1 bed)

These are the immediate expenses that your puppy/dog will incur in a year. This does not include emergency visits, boarding, training, and costs of showing/competing with your dog.

Not only is there a financial expense to owning a dog… do you have the time and energy to care for a puppy and dog?


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