Things Loki has taught me: herding

Loki has been on sheep a handful of times since turning 6 months back in April. When I went out to Sam Furman’s lot for his second herding lesson he was able to sweep back and forth between the sheep and didn’t hesitate to push between them and the fence.

I didn’t understand at the time why she considered him such a “nice dog”.

Since that time I’ve seen a few dogs work, most of them started or Veterans. I had the opportunity to meet a Gallagher’s Cap son and that pup was VICIOUS on sheep: went for cheap shots at the shoulder and held on, dove into the flock, snap-snap-snap constantly. I’ve met a few young dogs out of Kevin Evans and they are pushy but immature.

Sam Furman has a pup out of Henry Kuykendall who is all power when on sheep and I’ve met another 2 young dogs out of Henry’s line who are more reserved with the stock– very nice workers.

Loki is still learning herding and I’m just now reading the manual. We need to learn to SLOW DOWN, I need to keep moving while slowing him down, and I need to force him to feel my pressure (not in a negative way of course).


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