Fostering for EHDR

I’ve neglected to post my fosters up here but let me say: it has been an adventure!

Since owning Io I’ve wanted to involve my spare time with fostering for a rescue, mainly ARCBCR. I volunteered at events, transported, and helped in other small ways but I was never able to foster. I wanted to train, work, and care of herding dogs but mainly border collies. I have a fanatical obsession with the breed (working style, natural ability, instinct, athletic ability, jump height, weight, male/female, breeder/rescue, genetics, health…) and wanted to help the poor degenerates that no one wanted.


Until joining Eastern Herding Dog Rescue in 2014 I thought dogs lingered in rescue. ARCBCR moved (maybe) 10-15 dogs a year. Maybe. I had thought all rescues functioned in this capacity.


EHDR is nearing there 100th adoption in just 10 months. Let me say it this way: that’s 10+ dogs a month that they’ve moved since starting in February 2014. Since signing on as a foster at the end of August I’ve fostered and adopted out 9 dogs.





Super Mario


It has been incredible and fulfilling (and, some days, challenging) to foster with the rescue. I admire the group for what they have accomplished in just 10 months and I’m hoping for their continued success in the future.

It has given me the opportunity to train different types of dogs and enhance my experience, it has opened the doorway to new friendships, and it has completed a dream: fostering!

If you want to support EHDR head over to their Facebook Page and give them a like.